Maverick MP Bob Katter had viewers confused Monday night when he said he sometimes “identified as a blackfella” during an emotional episode of Q&A.

The Queensland Independent caused consternation on social media as he repeatedly referred to himself using the word, during the televised debate in Alice Springs.Asked about land title, he replied: “I identify as a blackfella on occasion and I’ll identify this time as a blackfella — we are the most land-rich people on Earth, we blackfellas in Australia, and we are not allowed to use it. We are not allowed to have a title deed.“We should be rich. We’re not, because we can’t get a title deed. Why won’t government give it to us?”Later, answering a question about youth imprisonment from former teenage inmate Dylan Voller Katter repeated his claim: “The cost of a child in detention in Queensland is $580,000 a year. We put in a wild kid and we get back a professional criminal. ‘Oh, jeez, that was great achievement!’ Putting a kid in a steel cage like an animal … after going on a joy-ride with his big brother … seems to me unfair and unjust. Give us some credit — give we blackfellas some credit.”The Katter’s Australian Party leader has said he has mixed and unknown heritage before, but astonished Twitter users seemed unprepared for his assertion.

There is always somebody on Twitter who are unprepared or unimpressed.

Remember: gender, race, and sexuality are social constructs; self-identification is the key and we should embrace people’s choices; to do otherwise exposes us as bigots.

So folks, you can’t just change the rules when you don’t like the person who is doing the self-identification. Don’t be narrow minded racists; embrace the blackfella Katter.