HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNITED STATES – You’ve made it another year. Just.

At least 25 Democrats are backing a bill that would create a congressional oversight commission — a group with the power to declare the president “incapacitated” and lead to his removal from office if the committee decided he was not fit for the role.

The bill refers to an obscure part of the Constitution that provides for a president’s replacement if he “becomes disabled” and can’t or won’t resign.

It’s an unlikely scenario, but one that at least 25 Democrats are pushing for.

Trump might be a casebook example of narcissism, but narcissism is not a mental disorder that makes one incapacitated for public life. If it was, half the politicians – and half the celebrities who hate them – would need to be locked up. Whatever you think of Trump, and for one I never thought much – these sorts of Jesuitical tactics by the Democrats are desperate and pathetic. But nothing surprises me from the side of politics that considers any disagreement with their orthodoxy to be an indication of a moral evil, a crime, or mental illness.

It’s all a useful reminder, however, that America – the country, the idea – is bigger than any one person or a group of people who tarnish her image with their idiocies. She has survived, outlived and overcame such challenges in the past and will no doubt do so in the future, even if each close shave seems dangerously existential to its contemporaries, from the War of Independence, through the Civil War, the Great Depression, the Second World War, the Cold War, to the Obama/Trump era. We get too caught up in the present – and the social media-fuelled 24-hour news cycle is only making things worse – that we lose perspective and the ability to see people, events and trends in context, historical or any other. Everything becomes a drama, every setback a world-ending disaster and every success a peak of ecstasy, the life itself a roller-coaster speeding through an eternal present. I find this tendency to hysterical ahistorical histrionics to be one of the great failings of the young generations today, but to be fair to them, the condition seems to have similarly infected and driven crazy the rest of the society.

So chin up, United States. All the worrying is making you look much older. And that’s very un-American.