WHAT’S THE OPPOSITE OF CULTURAL ENRICHMENT? – We are endlessly told that we are culturally enriched by immigration – which is often true, with some provisos: not all immigration, and we are more enriched by the economic rather than the cultural aspects of immigration, but again not all – but what happens when immigration actually leads to a net reduction in your culture?

Sweden’s largest music festival has been cancelled for next year due to reports of rape and sexual assault in the region.

Organisers of the Bravalla Music Festival said despite a lower number of crimes in the last year,“Certain men … apparently cannot behave. It’s a shame.”“There are no words for how incredibly sad we are about this, and we want to lament and condemn the most serious. It’s not f**king okay. We do not accept it on our festival.”They said despite the lower number of sex crimes at their festival recently there are still “about a hundred rapes every day in Sweden and it is a challenge the community at large must address.”“We will continue to work together for a better world. We hope you are with us in it. Let’s take care of each other, choking hatred and violence, and let the music win.”It comes after a wave of rape and sexual assault allegations at several music festivals in recent years have sparked outrage in Sweden.

“Certain men” is a Voldemort-type word for men of ethnic and/or religious backgrounds one should not point out in a polite society for the fear of being branded a racist bigot.

Is Sweden becoming more dangerous for women? – depends which side of the fence you sit on; the Gateston Institute right or the Daily Beast/Snopes left – there is certainly a perception amongst women that it is:

This year’s Bravalla festival continued as planned despite the alleged assaults and ended on Saturday with performances by rock groups such as The Killers, Prophets of Rage and Dutch DJ Martin Garrix.

FKP Scorpio, the German owner of the Bravalla festival, has blamed last year’s incidents on a drop in ticket sales.

The festival sold around 45,000 tickets this year compared to 52,000 last year.

“It stopped being about music and became almost completely about crime and violence,” Folkert Koopmans, CEO of FKP Scorpio, told TT news agency on Monday.

Clearly, too many Swedish women think that in a modern Scandinavia the foreigners sail in from overseas to rape and pillage the Vikings.