ONLY IN ITALY – Speaking of fascism, that was a real fascism:

The owner of an Italian beach club which exalts the achievements of Benito Mussolini was ordered to remove all references to Fascism on Monday, in a scandal that reached all the way to parliament in Rome…

The prefect of Venice ordered the resort’s owner, Gianni Scarpa, to carry out “the immediate removal of any reference to Fascism in notices, signs or any other written form.” Mr Scarpa, 64, an unabashed Fascist, was also ordered “to abstain from disseminating messages critical of democracy.” …

“The regime rules here, democracy disgusts me, and if you don’t like it, I don’t give a toss,” one sign said.

Another read: “Toilets for clients only. Otherwise, you’ll get a cosh in the teeth.”

Seems like a lovely place to stay. But “anti-fascists” are more interested in trashing random shops in Hamburg.