SHARIA USydney Uni, of course:

The most prestigious law school in Australia has two courses which call for elements of sharia law to be recognised in the mainstream legal system — including allowances for polygamy and lowering the age of consent.

One of the Sydney University courses, Muslim Minorities And The Law, is taught by Salim Farrar and Dr Ghena Krayem and it uses a book the pair wrote as “the monograph upon which the unit of study bases its teaching”.The Daily Telegraph can reveal the book claims “sharia and common law are not inherently incompatible” and that police’s failures to accommodate Islamic religious identity during operations was hampering the fight against Islamist terrorism.The book also takes aims at judges for denouncing “conservative Muslim values” during sentencing…The idea of mixing sharia law with Australian law has been criticised by the legal fraternity and Islamic leaders, who said the “division between religion and courts” must be upheld.However, the authors say when it comes to the law “we will suggest that ‘accommodation’ is not enough and that, as liberal democratic societies, we should move towards a notion of ‘recognition’.”

Of course, when the legal definition of marriage moves away from “one man one woman” formula, what arguments are there against polygamy?

As a (bad) Catholic I will be lobbying for the “recognition” of the Canon Law. But above all, in the memory of my great-grandfather Count Raczko, I shall fight for bringing back the feudal law. My call-to-arms pamphlet will be called “The Road to Serfdom”, unless someone has already used that title before.

P.S. In a democratic society such as ours, people can argue for whatever they want. But the answer is still “No”.