PIG’S HEAD – Something that never ceases to amuse me about the “white supremacists” is that they are the worst advertisement for their ideas (this is not a new phenomenon, as the famous German war-time joke had it, a true Aryan was blond like Hitler, tall like Goebbels, slim like Göring, blue-eyed as Hess, clever as Eva Braun, and his name was Rosenberg).

It will be interesting to find out how “supreme” are the people driving a metallic blue car who overnight dropped a swastika-adorned backpack containing a rotting pig’s head outside the gate of the Islamic College of Brisbane, Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s primary alma mater. Clearly not supreme enough to realise the school has security cameras, which have captured their idiocy.

People, honestly; you continue to disappoint me.