It’s official: everyone hates political correctness

pc1 ran a story this morning under the headline “Senior Australians say political correctness is ruining society”, based on recent research on manners commissioned by an insurance agency:

Attention, Gen Y: Baby Boomers have had it with your political correctness.

New Australian research suggests over 50s are fed up with being told what they can and can’t say, and believe young people are the worst offenders.The survey of 1000 Australians over 50 saw nine in 10 agree political correctness is ruining society, and thought younger generations were too worried about offending people.According to the CoreData research commissioned by Australian Seniors Insurance Agency, 86 per cent of seniors believed “having to be politically correct all the time” was ruining society, and 86.6 per cent said it was “inauthentic”.

It’s all slightly ironic since it was the Baby Boomers who firstly laid the “New Left” groundwork in the 1960s and ’70s and then were responsible for the original explosion of “Political Correctness” in the 1980s and ’90s. Be that as it may, it’s good to know that the generation has managed to grow up before it grew old, perhaps upon seeing how the rabid PC squirrel they have first unleashed on our society has metastasised and metamorphosed over time into the giant, toxic-spewing, radioactive beast it is today. We all fondly remember the good old days when the PC was all about calling short people “vertically challenged”.

But while it is nice to see the naturally more mature and world-weary older people see sense about the bullshit cultural Marxist epidemic, the good news is that a large majority of younger people also seems to have had enough of being censored and preached at.

The full table at page 61 of “The Australian Seniors Series: Modern Australian Manners” report gives the exact numbers:


The differences in attitudes between the two age cohorts are a matter of around 10, or at most 15, per cent – a large gap to be sure, but hardly unusual when comparing any type of attitudes cross-generationally. Even with that gap, Millennials still tend to be in the 70s percentage-wise. Most of the difference seems to be between those who “strongly agree” – our seniors simply have stronger and more vehemently held views than their grandchildren. Considering how much more “liberal”, “progressive” or “left-wing” the young tend to be vis-a-vis the old, and considering how people grow less radical and more conservative as they grow older, the 10-15 per cent gap is actually quite encouraging. It shows that already, at their early age, our young people are generally ill-disposed towards the excesses of political correctness and identity politics, and are likely to become even more overwhelmingly rejecting of this new secular religion.

While the report compares only Baby Boomers plus and Millennials, it’s likely a comprehensive survey of this type would show Generation X more ambivalent (we were the first to grow up in that socio-political environment), though on balance still majority against, with Generation Y being the most in thrall of the PC dogmas. There is little doubt, however, that overall the majority of our society has had enough of being surrounded by what the cultural Marxism’s march through institutions has wrought. Like other phenomena of this type, the passion and the fury is confined to a small albeit extremely well placed, extremely vocal, and extremely influential minority, which is striving to socially re-engineer our society from their position of dominance, having largely succeeded in capturing the “commanding heights” of culture and education.

The least that we, the silent majority, can do is to give a big FU finger to our self-proclaimed moral betters. They have a big megaphone but neither strong nor wide support behind it. The PC Brigade is the new Wizard of Oz. It’s time for the cultural counter-revolution to consign this latest eruption of Marxist madness to the ash heap of history.