That’s not halal!


And so we have another case of “scratch a supposed moderate and find another Islamist supremacist”, courtesy of the president of Australia’s Halal Certification Authority:

A leading Muslim businessman predicts Australia’s white race will become extinct within 40 years because Australian men are too busy smoking, drinking beer and taking drugs to procreate.

Halal certification boss Mohamed Elmouelhy told his¬†Facebook¬†followers Australian women needed Muslim men to ‘fertilise them’ and ‘keep them surrounded by Muslim babies’.

Mr Elmouelhy made the comment after Hebrew University in Jerusalem published research which showed sperm counts in men from Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe had declined by more than 50 per cent in less than 40 years.

This is the lovely post in question, subsequently deleted by Elmouelhy:


But hey, we’re the bigots apparently.

While it’s nice for Elmouelhy to volunteer the services of his co-religionists to maintain Australia’s population levels (consensually, one hopes), I would note that the outbreeding of one’s enemies through interbreeding has always been a favourite tactic of various (usually ethnic) supremacists (though not, for example, the Nazis, or European imperialists). Thus, in the past few decades mass rape have been a tactic of war, including in places like the former Yugoslavia, where the Serb ethnic cleansing militias maintained their own rape camps so that (in particular) Bosnian Muslim women would bear “little Serbs” and dilute and ultimately destroy the ethno-religious presence of Bosniaks in the Balkans.

This colonisation through local and imported wombs is, needless to say, a favourite tactic of Islamic conquerors throughout the ages, seeing that in Islam – unlike, say, Judaism, a child of a Muslim male is considered to be and is brought up as a Muslim, regardless of the mother’s religion or preference.


So dear women, please lie back and think of Australia, because you apparently need virile Muslim males to fertilise you and keep you surrounded by Muslim babies. “Muslims have a duty to make your women happy,” says Elmouelhy; not a preference or a choice or an option, but duty.

The Daily Chrenk readers might recall that the president of the Halal Certification Authority has made a previous appearance in this blog when he leaped to the defence of Yassmin Abdel-Maghied as she was getting flack for her Anzac Day tweet. To remind you, this was Elmouelhy’s contribution to the debate:


In all, a pretty laughable exposition of history and current affairs, combined with a lecture on the true meaning of Christianity. Elmouelhy, of course, has every right to his views – just as I have every right to find them wrong, bizarre and misguided.

If Elmouelhy finds us Australians less than Christian and generally lacking compassion and filled with bigotry, well, maybe, just maybe, it’s at least partly because we resent unsolicited offers (particularly the ones couched in terms of duty to be fulfilled) of Australian Muslims to breed out the non-Muslim Australian men and thus create a Muslim nation Down Under. Being a non-Muslim Australian male (and a childless one, too), I perhaps should refrain from responding on behalf of Australian women – it might be considered sexist of me to barge into the conversation and express an opinion on their behalf – though I suspect that the answer is similar, seeing there hasn’t been anything stopping them intermarrying for a long while now.

It is said that Australia once rode on the sheep’s back to prosperity. Nowadays, the president of the Halal Certification Authority wants Muslim men to ride Australian women on their backs to demographic supremacy. At the risk of sounding like, as Elmouelhy would say, a bigot, I think the sheep has worked out better for Australia.