THERE BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD… – The fact there have been no major terrorist attack on Australian soil (though a number of Australians of course died on September 11 and in Bali in October 2002) owes to the fact that our Aussie jihadis seem to be largely C-grade morons (and thank Allah for that) but also due to the diligence of our intelligence, counter-terrorism and law enforcement services, which have managed to foil a number of potentially devastating plots. Including – allegedly – this one:

An alleged terrorist plot to bring down a domestic flight with a bomb was at the centre of the series of raids across ­Sydney yesterday targeting an alleged Islamic extremist cell.

Wearing gas masks and ballistic ­armour, backed by fire crews and specially trained paramedics, officers from the Joint Counter Terrorism Team stormed four properties in Sydney’s west — at Sproule St, Lakemba, Renown Ave, Wiley Park, Victoria Rd, Punchbowl and Craig St, Punchbowl — and a terrace on Goodlet Lne, Surry Hills, in the inner city.

Security was stepped up at airports throughout Australia in case not the entire terror cell has been folded, but by the afternoon things were back to “normal”.

Yesterday, in Hamburg, the scene of recent radical violence, a 26-year old UAE-born Palestinian terrorist known to authorities stabbed to death one and wounded six at a shopping centre. Today, in Konstantz, also in Germany, an Iraqi man opened fire at a nightclub, killing one and injuring at least four, though the authorities are “not assuming that this is an act of terrorist violence”.