MORAL EQUIVALENCE RIDES AGAIN – Party like the Communist Party is still around, get hot under the collar as if it’s still the Cold War. Not that the moral and political equivalence ever completely went out of fashion over the past three decades or so, but with Trump in the White House, the old equating the free with the unfree is new again, and the US-North Korea comparison is the new hotness:

A pannelist on ABC’S Q&A program suggested US President Donald Trump could be more dangerous than North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

“The one unstable element now is the other world leader with the powerful nuclear weapons and the crazy hair, which is Donald Trump, not Kim Jong-un,” American journalist Mei Fong said on Monday night.She made her comments as the panel discussed Mr Trump’s administration and the vulgar comments of his communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, as well as North Korea’s threat against the world.Panellists said the world wanted America to become rational and stable to maintain the relationship between the US and Australia. Ms Fong suggested with Mr Trump pulling America out of the Paris Accords and him not taking a leadership role when it came to major concerns of the North Korean missile crisis, it appeared America was withdrawing from its leadership position.“It’s gone into a hermit-like position. If I were to think of 2017 as a symbol, I would think of it as a clam,” she said.But Ms Fong said Mr Trump was unpredictable, which could make him dangerous.“He’s unpredictable, everybody has said that. Everything you thought a President of the US would not do, some thing’s he has done,” she said.“On the foreign policy, perhaps he hasn’t done anything as radical as he has done internally, domestic policy. But this week it could change.”

Awww, missing the American leadership; how cute. And, as always, “Guardian” is less subtle:


So America is an “out of control authoritarian regime”, eh?