CANADA, WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES – Canada strains under the wave of refugees from across the border, including this vignette from Montreal:

This “increasing wave” of Haitian refugee claimants forced officials to open a temporary shelter in the Olympic Stadium Wednesday while scrambling to keep up with a demand they fear shows no signs of slowing.

The first busload of asylum seekers arrived at the stadium Wednesday morning. About 150 beds had been set-up over the weekend.

Francine Dupuis, who oversees PRAIDA, a government-funded program to help seekers get on their feet in Quebec, said the number of refugee claimants is unprecedented.

Following a recent wave of Syrian refugees, most are now Haitians fleeing the United States for fear their temporary resident status will be revoked and hoping to find refuge in Montreal’s large Haitian community.

“It’s unheard of,” Dupuis said. “In 30 years, I’ve never seen this kind of volume or intensity.”

Dupuis said about 90 per cent of asylum seekers coming into Quebec now are Haitian. In July, PRAIDA received 1,200 new requests for refugees, nearly four times more than an average month.

“We’re doing our best, but obviously there’s going to be a limit. And we’re close to that limit.”

But that’s pretty much what an “open border” is, so dear Canadians, better get used to it, because so far you have been shielded from the full consequences of your immigration policy by the fact that there was this big country just south of you, which was a more attractive destination for migrants of all kinds. Possibly not anymore.

As Tim Blair reports, the Italians, who have not been really shielded by the sea, are growing tired of the never-ending conveyor belt of African migrants, overwhelming majority of them economic ones, landing on their shores. The Italian Navy, at the request of the Libyan government, now operates in Libyan territorial waters to turn the boats back.