SYDNEY – SUNNY YET DEPRESSED – Apologies for the lack of blogging this weekend. I have travelled south of the border for one of my best mate’s 40th, and also took the opportunity to catch up with several other Sydney-based friends. The weather in the crazy city on the harbour was deliciously sunny, but numerous conversations with about ten politically minded friends, all current or former active Party members and officeholders or political advisers, threw a deep shadow over the weekend. It also confirmed my experience so far – I’m yet to find anyone in their 30s and 40s with a history of right-wing commitment and involvement who is not depressed and disillusioned with the state of politics in Australia generally (and often,more broadly, internationally) as well as with the performance and the direction of the federal Liberal government. Granted, even if my sample is entirely representative of the whole cohort, this is a tiny part of the Liberal Party base. But it does not bode well for the present and the future of the party that people who have given decades of their life in service to the cause, are ideologically committed, and all intelligent professionals, are so seemingly overwhelmingly dismayed with their own side of politics at the moment. These are unusual – and potentially dangerous – times.