GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN’S DATING TIPS – I was expecting so much more when I came across this teaser on (of course, I should have known better by now):


What about indeed? Questions keep springing to my head: Is Gladys on Tinder? Can she overcome the political life-long habit of only swiping left? Having repaired the NSW budget, does she expect the man to always pay on the first date? Would she have any tips on dating public figures?

Alas, I was to be disappointed:

What about love? 

What about love?!

Is that something you consider? I imagine it’s very difficult to go on a date as Premier of New South Wales.

You do get quite guarded. I even wonder how a coffee with a good friend will be interpreted. I don’t worry about that too much. I’ve been in public life for long enough that I know you just have to live your life normally. That is what has sustained me. I have always been myself. I’ve taken the knocks on the chin because this is who I am. I’ve always been very self-aware. I know my shortcomings and what I’m good at. The more honest you are with yourself and the people who are closest to you, the more comfortable you are in doing what you need to do.


It must be very difficult to go on a date, particularly when your predecessor has destroyed Sydney nightlife. Unless you go on a date to the casino. In any case, good luck to Gladys; everyone needs some what about love.