THE MAN CALLED CAR SEAT – A few weeks ago, some idiots from an anti-immigration group in Norway mistook bus seats for women dressed in burqas. Hilarity ensued:


The image of the bus carriage showing six empty seats was posted to the closed group Fedrelandet Viktigst, which translates to “Fatherland First”.

The post was shared with the group’s almost 13,000 members by Facebook user, Johan Slattavik who captioned it, “What do you think of this?”

The post sparked a strong response from members who posted comments such as, “disgusting”, “frightening” and “tragic”.

One user even said, “It looks really scary, should be banned. You can never know who is under there. Could be terrorists with weapons.”

Slattavik told local news organisations that it was a little practical joke and he wanted to see how people would react.

And now we have a case of ” ‘Driverless’ Van in Virginia Is Driven by Man Dressed Like a Car Seat”:

A van that appeared to have no driver made headlines when it was spotted in Arlington, Virginia, last week. But when News4’s Adam Tuss saw the van on Monday and looked inside, he saw that it did have a driver: a man dressed in a costume made to look like just a car seat…

After multiple inquiries by News4, the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute said Monday afternoon that the van and van driver are part of a study they are conducting on driverless cars. The worker was wearing the uniform he was supposed to wear…

Virginia Tech declined to make the half car seat, half man — as Tuss put it — available for an interview.

What if he identifies as a car seat?