THE LEFT EATS THEIR OWN – Clearly it’s not the thought that counts – it doesn’t matter that you support us if you support us in a wrong way:

Mamamia founder Mia Freedman has “unequivocally apologised” to members of the LGBT community, after an attempt to start a hashtag movement for married women to show support for marriage equality backfired.

In a post on Tuesday headlined “Straight, married women want marriage equality too,” Freedman shared a photo of her sizeable wedding ring and encouraged other married straight women to do the same, along with the hashtag #married4marriageequality.

Critics immediately jumped on the post, labelling it “tone-deaf” and “gloating about your ability to get married”.

In fact, any straight person really serious about supporting same-sex marriage should get divorced and refuse to marry again until such time that “love wins”.