GUAM VERSUS CLIMATE CHANGE – A pretty silly, but inevitable, tweet from The New York Times:

Personally, I’ll take the very remote and very future-distant possibility of getting drowned to being vaporised over the next few days, but then again, I’m an eccentric.

I’ve written before about the climate change panic in the Pacific before, in the context of much more flatter Kiribati, which far from becoming the Atlantis of global warming is actually growing in size. Western guilt over carbon dioxide is a great aid cash cow for otherwise poor small island states, which barely have an economy, much less one strong enough to cope with many other, far more immediate social, economic and environmental problems that beset them. Drowning islands pull the heart-strings and the purse-strings but also distract from some basic harsh truths about life in the middle of nowhere. Guam, being a part of the United States is, of course, in a much better position than most other, independent, Pacific island states. Its immediate misfortune might be the very fact of its political status rather than Chinese power stations and farting cows.