THOSE STRANGE CONSERVATIVE WOMEN – It never ceases to amuse me whenever a member of the left ventures out amongst people who are not like them and don’t think like them. The strange discovery that most people on the right don’t have horns and a tail. The quasi-anthropological reporting, as if studying a remote Amazonian tribe. The confusion, the dissonance. I know these reactions well from the internet dating perspective, but they are just as amusing in other contexts:

Can’t a girl figure out the best hairstyle for her face shape without stumbling into a political landmine? Even magazines like Glamour and Vogue, ostensibly fashion magazines, are full of a bewildering sprinkling of politics. Ten Summer Hairstyles to Wear to the Beach. Ten Ways Donald Trump Is Hitler. Swimsuits for Every Body Type. My Body My Choice. You get the idea. But it’s not just that, of course. It’s not just that politics have invaded magazines that ought to be mindless entertainment. It’s that liberal politics have invaded them. Only liberal politics.

And, if you’re in any doubt about how the writers of these magazines perceive people who don’t agree with them, look no further than a recent article on called “Conservative Millennial Women Are Here For Female Empowerment—Just Don’t Call Them Feminists” by Samantha Leach.

Read on, as our brave explorer discovers the bizarre world of women who did not cry when Hillary Clinton lost the election. Yes, they exist.