CHARLOTTESVILLE – It shouldn’t take a moral genius to know that Nazis and white supremacists are scum, just as it shouldn’t take a moral genius to know that communists (whether they style themselves as antifa or something else) and any racial supremacists are scum too. Political violence in a modern liberal democracy is never justified, regardless who’s at the receiving end, period. It’s not that difficult, is it?

Brendan O’Neill is spot on, as always, about why we will sadly likely see more of it:


The loser fringes from all sides of politics battle it out on the streets but those who actually lose out of it are us, our society and our system of government – and law and order, as those who are supposed to uphold it do nothing to stop it. If it is indeed true that the Charlottesville police and national guard have been ordered to stand down, as they have been in Berkeley a few months ago, this is indeed an outrage that caps an otherwise outrageous and tragic weekend.