YASSMIN THAT NEVER ENDS – Just because she’s temporarily gone to England, doesn’t mean she’s forgotten. In fact, if – as “The Sydney Morning Herald” reader you should – you are missing Yassmin Abdel-Magied, here is more Yof assmin Abdel-Magied; almost 5000 words about her. As the journo Melissa Fyfe recounts meeting Abdel-Magied in late June,

Abdel-Magied is angry about many things. Two months have passed since the Anzac Day post, yet The Australian newspaper is still sending journalists to her public engagements. On this day, politicians are attacking her for comments she made on a panel about Parliament’s unrepresentative nature. She’s not just angry, though. The storm that swirled around Abdel-Magied has shattered something quite deep in her. “I feel betrayed by my country,” she says.

“Good Weekend” indeed.