The Daily Chrenk to hit the road again


It’s that time of the year again, when TDC goes on the road to bring you moderately insightful commentary and occasional mildly entertaining reportage from various locations other than Wooloowin, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, or the corporate headquarters of the TDC media empire.

While I will endeavour to keep track of the deeply depressing political news from Australia and the United States, and endeavour to depress you further with my depressing take on the said depressing news, I will also report first-hand from the Old World, including Poland thirsty years since I left. Between the horror of the same sex marriage debate in Australia, the adventures of the Kremlin-controlled neo-Nazi Trump administration (according to Louise Mensch) in the US, Kim Jong Kardashian rattling his nuclear sabre in the north-east Asia, and the Middle East being the usual cesspool of good news and funny unicorn videos, we have almost managed to forget about Europe. Even if ISIS hasn’t.

So please keep tuning in to TDC over the next five or so weeks while understanding that the output might not be as regular or extensive during travel. And while I would love my European blogging to be particularly topical and interesting for the global audience, I’m also hoping that my trip will be safe enough not to be too interesting, if you know what I mean.

The flight departs at 2:30am, Wednesday morning, Brisbane time. This is Arthur Chrenkoff, reporting live for the Daily Chrenk.