THE IDIOTIC OP-ED OF THE DAY – What can I say, “The New York Times” does it again:

The Twitter responses have been singularly unimpressed, along the lines of “have you actually done any research on Shapiro?” Shapiro, after all, is probably one of the most hated and the most targeted mainstream right commentators┬áby the alt-right and the “nationalist right”. A refugee from Breitbart, before it went all alt and all Trump, the criticism Shapiro gets from Breitbart is mild compared to the gas oven “jokes” he gets sent regularly by the nice people with Pepe as their avatars.

So the critics of the article are right, but they also seem not to have actually read the opinion piece, because its author, Jane Coaston, doesn’t even mention Shapiro’s constant fight with the alt-right. When she’s talking about challenging the bigoted ideas of his right-wing fans, she actually means pretty much what’s published not on The Daily Stormer or even Breitbart, but The Daily Wire or The Federalist, i.e. as mainstream as it gets. In other words, Coaston wants Shapiro to be a left-winger, like her, who finds bigotry everywhere she looks on the right.

Shapiro has The Daily Wire which entertains a few hundred thousand fans at most; the left has got the universities, which are (mis)educating tens of millions of future professionals and intellectuals. It’s not shadow-boxing, it’s fighting for the country’s very future.