PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN AND PORN IN RAQQA –  Things you find on a laptop belonging to a Belgian-Moroccan ISIS bride in Syria:

Some nights she was busy searching for baking recipes, on others she was downloading Pirates of the Caribbean, and every so often it was scores from the Ajax soccer team in the Netherlands she was checking. Such a digital footprint might be that of any young Belgian, but with one glaring difference: The woman to whom this digital record belongs was until recently a resident in Raqqa, and part of the so-called Islamic State.

A laptop captured just days before she was picked up herself gives a revealing insight into the developing mindset of one European jihadist, and her finals days in the crumbling caliphate. The hard drive originally was taken by Ahrar al-Furat, a clandestine resistance group active within Islamic State held territory, and an intermediary made it available to The Daily Beast.

Mixing Islamist sermons with porn vids from RedTube, the ISIS wife remains unrepentant until the end, though, like most other ISIS members, doesn’t want to get martyred when it comes down to the crunch:

Many assumed that the jihadists would fight to the death in Raqqa, but she appears to have no such intentions, but neither does she appear to want to abandon the cause of the caliphate. In her final days her internet history is a cocktail of research on those who have returned to Europe from Syria, and jihadist propaganda, everything from nasheeds to Anwar al Awlaki lectures.

As the sun sets on Aug. 24, she searches “i love to leave isis” and in Flemish “teruggekeerde jihadisten”—returning jihadist. Her final search comes late that evening, she taps into Google: “what do ypg [Kurdish militia] do with isis terrorist,” seemingly aware that her capture is imminent.