SCREWING THE KURDS – My spell-checker must be Shia because it suggests I correct KURDS to TURDS. Make that Shiite. And they are rejoicing:

Ali Akbar Velayati, a senior foreign policy adviser to the Iranian supreme leader, praised the Iraqi army’s move to capture Kirkuk, framing it as a blow to Israel’s strategic ambitions.

“With the defeat of the Kurds in Kirkuk, Barzani’s conspiracy against the region’s security was foiled. Barzani’s aim and Israel’s covert aim were to seize Kirkuk’s oilfields to serve the Israeli interest. In the Kurdistan region, they raise the flag of Israel and this means if Kurds gain independence in Iraq, we will share a border with Israel,” Velayati said, according to the IRGC-affiliated Tasnim news.

Ali Akbar is talking about the successful offensive by Iraqi government’s elite units and Shia militias to dislodge the Kurdish Pashmerga forces from Kirkuk, an ethnically mixed city just inside the Kurdish controlled northern Iraq and the capital of the oil-rich north. The offensive has been successful in that the Kurdish forces have withdrawn almost without a fight, and convoys of Kurdish refugees are streaming north. The Iraqi offensive follows the Kurdish Independence referendum a few weeks ago. Both sides are trained and armed – and supported in different contexts – by the United States; in the case of the Shia forces doubly so, as Obama’s bribe of $150 billion to Iran is now being put to a good use by Tehran in expanding its geopolitical presence.

The Kurds, meanwhile, still remain the only group of people in the Middle East who actually deserve a state of their own.