MODERN DAY HEROES – For years, hundreds of men and a few women from around the world have been fighting in Syria against ISIS, mostly as part of the Kurdish armed forces. Many of them had died what the Kurds consider to be a martyr’s death (to distinguish the ISIS way of martyrdom, which usually involves killing self in the process of killing defenseless civilians). They’re not doing it for money or for glory, but to help defend fellow human beings from an assault by one of the most evil and violent groups in existence today. Somebody has to make a stand to defend our civilisation and our way of life from barbarians, particularly since our governments have by and large abrogated the direct military option.

“I don’t fear being killed. It crosses your mind but it’s not something that scares me.”

Jac Holmes was ready for battle.

In 2015, without any military training, the British IT worker packed up his life and smuggled himself into Syria “to fight [the terror group Islamic State] against injustice and oppression of civilians”. He was 22.

Despite IS commanders putting a more than AU$200,000 bounty for his head, he was unperturbed. He was on the front line, fighting alongside the YPG as part of a sniper unit.

“If I was afraid I wouldn’t be out here. I have fought in a lot of battles where ISIS fighters were killed. Was it me who killed them? I don’t know,” he told Sunday People in the UK.

Jac fought valiantly for two years. He saw the fall of Raqqa last week with his own eyes, posting video where he walked into the infamous stadium in Raqqa, known as Islamic State’s last stronghold.

“It was strange walking the streets and finally going inside,” he explained on Instagram.

In a tragic twist, the next day, Jac was killed after clearing mines planted by Islamic State.

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