I NEVER DO IT ON TINDERAn online hook-up almost leads to a blow job:

Two terror suspects planned to carry out a bomb attack in the UK after meeting on a Muslim dating site, a court heard today.

Munir Hassan Mohammed, 36, and Rowaida El-Hassan, 33, tried to create an improvised explosive device after bonding over their extremist beliefs on SingleMuslim.com, it is claimed.

Mohammed had been radicalised by an Islamic State commander on Facebook and wanted to carry out a deadly terrorist attack by the time he set up a dating profile in a bid to find a wife, jurors heard.By the spring of 2016 he was in regular contact with El-Hassan, a qualified pharmacist, who was looking for “a man who fears Allah before anything else”.

The pair shared gruesome videos of IS fighters beheading prisoners and recruiting children on WhatsApp as their online romance blossomed, jurors heard.

Some people share nude selfies, others beheading videos. Who are we to judge?