“COLOR YOUR OWN BERNIE SANDERS HERO” AND OTHER RUSSIAN ELECTION HACKS – The US House Intelligence Committee (almost an oxymoron there) has released some of the 3,000 ads prepared and paid for by the Russians during the election campaign last year.


You can check out some of the other examples here. My personal favourite, without a shadow of a doubt, is Jesus arm-wrestling with Satan:


So far, to the best of my understanding, the Democrat narrative of “the Russians hacked the election”┬áis backed by the following documented facts: 1) Manfort not paying all the taxes before working briefly for Trump, 2) some junior guy on the campaign suggesting obtaining some dirt on Clinton from the Russkies, and 3) Putin buying ads on social media. All sorts of ads – pro-Trump and anti-Trump, pro-Hillary and anti-Hillary, pro-Bernie and anti-Bernie, right-wing and left-wing.

I’m as anti-Putin as they come, and I’ve never been a fan of Trump, so I don’t have a dog in this fight either way, but this is precisely why I consistently wanted a proper investigation to replace the media and the Democrat hyperventilation. So that we can finally learn what really happened as opposed to Louise Mensch’s wet dreams.

At this stage it seems to me the most probably scenario was this: Putin was trying to help, and thus play, both sides against each other. He did so because: 1) whoever won, Putin would be able to claim some credit, and 2) his main objective was to stir up divisions and further discredit the whole American political system.

This was no 3D chess – quite simple really – but it succeeded very well, and on a cheap budget.