Remember, Remember, the 15th of November


Otherwise known as the Gay Folks Night:

The $122 million same-sex marriage survey closes tonight, with final Australian Bureau of Statistics figures revealing 12.6 million Australians voted in the poll.

With just hours until the survey closes, that’s a return rate of 78.5 per cent as of last Friday.

The final figure will increase slightly once votes cast between last Friday and today’s deadline are accounted for. Drop-off locations at ABS offices in all capital cities will accept survey form drop-offs until 4.30pm.

The return rate has swamped other voluntary polls such as Britain’s Brexit, the last US presidential election, and Ireland’s own same-sex poll…

The count begins. The ABS will announce the result on Wednesday, November 15.

I think I’m going to stay away from the social media and the internet generally next Wednesday. It’s going to be bloody awful.

Either there will be a tsunami of unbelievable and unbearable gloating and virtue signalling from the “Yes” people, or a Category 5 shit cyclone of outrage and abuse heaped on “Australia” and “Australians” in an unlikely event the “No” vote gets up. There will be tears, there will be threats to emigrate, there will be death threats to “bigots”. But again, very unlikely; a “no”, even a narrow one, runs counter to every opinion poll for at least a decade or so – unless, of course, this turns out to be one of these issues where an average person is scared to share their incorrect opinion even with an anonymous pollster. In which case, Australia will give the political lexicon a new term – “shy homophobes”.

One thing is certain. With nearly 80 per cent of eligible voters expressing their opinion in what was a non-compulsory poll, no one will be able to say that the outcome will lack legitimacy and run contrary to the popular will and sentiment.

Oh listen, I’ll be happy for my gay friends who will be able to get hitched, or to be more exact, registered by the government. The overwhelming majority of those who support the same-sex marriage are decent people who strongly believe it represents a victory for love, equality, human rights and rainbow-vomiting unicorns. I’m not concerned about them (the people, that is; I am concerned about rainbow-vomiting unicorns). The support base of every trendy and progressive cause is 95 per cent average, normal people and 5 per cent (or even fewer) hard-core activists with hidden (because usually extreme) agendas. #LoveWins has got its own share of gay Bolsheviks. These are the people who vehemently despise their own society and ultimately want to shatter into million little pieces every element of the evil and oppressive Western civilisation – capitalism, freedom, Christianity, tradition, family, culture, gender divisions, and so on. If you think that this revolutionary vanguard of the lumpen-intelligencia are fighting tooth and nail in the cause of same-sex marriage because they really love eating rainbow wedding cakes and not because they hate the institution of marriage, the heterosexual nuclear family, and the organised religion, or that the SSM victory will mark the happy ending of the culture wars and the new “civil rights” struggles, you really haven’t been paying attention to the history of the past two plus centuries.

In the end, one can be both happy for all those who want to say “I do” while remaining wary of the ideologues for whom this cause has been another Trojan horse to advance their radical agenda of completely remaking our society. I wish I could at the same time say yes to one and no to the other – or “I do” and “I don’t”. Alas, that’s not possible. Which is why whatever the result, November the 15th will be a melancholy day for me.