Waleed Aly is “over” his job co-hosting The Project and is “eyeing off” the plum role occupied by Leigh Sales at the ABC.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Aly, who has permanently fronted The Project on Channel Ten since January 2015, is now in talks with the national broadcaster.

The report said that Aly may now consider the Ten show “a little beneath him”.

Last year Aly, 39, won the Gold Logie for Best Personality on TV for his role on The Project.

But friends say the academic lawyer and writer, who regards himself an intellectual, was thinking of returning to the ABC.

And the role he would prefer is that held by Leigh Sales, as the anchor of the flagship current affairs program, 7.30.

Personally, I preferred when a commercial business paid for Waleed’s nails and hammer to tell the great unwashed what to think. I’m rather less enthusiastic about my taxes going to “my” ABC to hire another leftie sophisticate who doesn’t think that commercial television is good enough for him. “Balance”, eh?