FERRY MCFERRYFACE – The people of New South Wales have voted to name the newest Sydney Harbour ferry “Ferry McFerryface”. The unionists are not amused:

Maritime Union of Australia spokesman Paul Garrett today told 2GB Mornings he was furious with the decision to christen the last of a new fleet of Sydney Harbour ferries Ferry McFerryface.

“The Transport Minister is demonstrating here that he treats public transport as a joke,” Mr Garrett said.

“He’s taking the absolute mickey out of public transport in this state.

“Sydney Ferries has had an iconic history with Sydney Harbour and are named after iconic beaches and iconic Olympians. The workers are just frustrated with it.”

The Assistant Secretary of the Sydney branch said staff will refuse to work on the newly named ferry.

He told the Daily Telegraph: “Members will leave that vessel alone, we won’t work it.”

“Give it a proper name and we’ll work it. Give it a stupid name and it can stay at the shipyard.”

How about we instead name the ferry “Maritime Union of Australia are scumbags who were sabotaging Australian WW2 effort and stabbing in the back Aussie soldiers”? It is a serious name, after all.