Miley Cyrus celebrates hijab AND same sex marriage


Celebrities, like children, which they mentally are, say the darnest things.

Like what’s the relationship between a hijab and equality (sorry, Equality)? And how is same-sex marriage a step closer to world peace (sorry, World Peace)?

Who knows? More importantly:

Dear Miley, the hijab and same-sex marriage – pick one. Because you can’t have both. Not just in a theoretical sense that you cannot celebrate and fetishise the conservatism of one religion while condemning the conservatism of another, but also in a practical sense, because, those who support and wear the hijab are amongst those most bitterly opposed to the concept of a same-sex marriage. This is not just the case is Muslim-majority countries, where for most part being gay, never mind marrying a person of the same sex, is punishable by death or at least a jail sentence, but also, as the today’s vote again clearly demonstrated, in multicultural Western societies.

Below is the table of the top ten federal electorates, which recorded the highest “no” vote (all of them urban in Sydney and Melbourne, with exception of the rural Maranoa in Queensland). The percentage in bold refers to the percentage of the Muslim population in each electorate (data from the 2011 census, substantially higher now in 2017; I didn’t have data for McMahon (formerly Prospect) so the number is a rough estimate derived from local government and suburb information.


Coincidence? Probably not.

Either way, Miley, have fun twerking your way to Equality and World Peace.