NOT ALL VERONICAS ARE EQUAL – The girls from Wavell Heights make waves, seemingly against each other:

Veronicas singer Jess Origliasso has released an emotional statement about her “12 years” of “deep pain” caused by someone close to her, after girlfriend Ruby Rose publicly called out Jess’ twin sister Lisa yesterday.

Rose shocked fans with a since-deleted tweet posted in the wake of Australia’s historic same-sex marriage survey result this week, claiming her girlfriend’s twin sister had told them they “should feel ‘lucky’ we don’t get stoned to death like they do in other countries and to get over it a few months ago”. After deleting the tweet, Rose followed up by saying she “shouldn’t stoop to her level” and to “not let the people below try to drag me down”.

One day on, and Rose’s girlfriend Jess has released a statement of her own — one that appears to call out her own twin sister and musical partner.

Lisa getting blacklisted in the entertainment community in 3, 2, 1…