WORLD’S OLDEST RESTAURANT – Very cool, and another reason to visit Poland:

These cavernous underground dining areas are part of the 10-room Piwnica Swidnicka, Europe’s oldest restaurant.

Located in the Main Square of Wroclaw, Poland, the 900-square metre eatery has been operational since 1273, when the country’s stodgy diet was characterised by spice, beef and beer.

Counting the composer Frédéric Chopin and writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe among its distinguished diners, it was the city’s only beer brewery for several hundred years.

Slightly younger is Krakow’s Wierzynek.  “It is famous for the great wedding celebration of 1364, when the wedding of King Casimir III the Great’s granddaughter Princess Elizabeth of Pomerania to Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor. The celebration was attended by numerous European monarchs and the nobility.” Not bad.

And the food is pretty good too.