TRUMP MORE POPULAR THAT EUROLEADERS – According to the polls, Donald Trump is having one of the worst if not the worst first year of a presidential term in the history of opinion polls. It’s a small consolation that his European frenemies are doing even worse at the moment:

Zogby found the three European leaders below that:

  • Merkel approval 40 percent, disapproval 49 percent.
  • Macron approval 28 percent, disapproval 52 percent.
  • May approval 28 percent, disapproval 61 percent.

Kim Jong Un meanwhile, enjoys continuing 99.998% approval.

The popularity and unpopularity of European leaders has been much more volatile than the sentiments in the United States, where it is unusual for a president to dip below 50 per cent. I know that many people, mostly on the left, want America to be more like Europe, but this is the wrong way.