BYE BEY MUGABE, HELLO CROCODILE – Fantastic news that the recent short-lived World Health Organisation goodwill ambassador and an overall tyrant, Robert Mugabe, is finally stepping down after 37 years of ruining his country.

Less fantastic news, his successor:

So fearsome is the reputation of Emmerson Mnangagwa that even Zimbabwe’s reviled despot Robert Mugabe has been forced to condemn his crimes in the past.Labour MP Kate Hoey once said of Chelsea-supporting Mnangagwa: “[He is] probably the one person in Zimbabwe who inspires even greater terror [than Mugabe].”

Violence against the white government of Rhodesia – that would later be renamed Zimbabwe – earned him the nickname ‘The Crocodile’, as well as a spell in prison.The Crocodile acted as Mugabe’s muscle during the 70s in a bid to gain independence from Britain – the last African nation to leave the British Empire.

Named Mugabe’s security chief, he led a band of North Korean-trained special forces who carried out unimaginable acts of cruelty against Ndebele tribes in the western Matebeleland regions of Zimbabwe during the mid-80s.Even Mugabe admitted the 20,000 deaths his protege’s forces caused were unacceptable, labelling it a “moment of madness”.

As if the people of Zimbabwe haven’t suffered enough.

P.S. “Zimbabwe’s coup has not set it free”