WHEN THE STATE BECOMES GOD – One (hopefully) last comment about the same sex-marriage; contrary to the impression that the title of this post might give, not made from the perspective of any “Christian Right”, of which I’m not a member.

To my mind, all the fight for “equality”, “love”, “the right to marry” was basically to gain the right to have your marriage officially registered by the state – to have the government kindly recognise you as being married.

In the past millennia, for as long as some form of marriage was practiced as a social institution, the point of the ceremony was for the coupling or the partnership to be recognised in the eyes of a god or gods, the two people committing to each other, their families and friends, and, at most, their immediate community.

But now, the marriage is not marriage unless the state puts its stamp on it (for a fee). This is not about the economic rights or equality, because the de facto couples (same and different sex) are nowadaus treated the same by the law. It’s the love and commitment that somehow aren’t real enough unless in the eyes of the government.

As I have written before, we are in this situation because a few centuries ago once again governments decided to be involved in the area of life where there is no reason for them to be involved. Had the marriage remained a private institution, people would have been always free to enter into a marriage with each other in whatever gender combination and in whatever form of ceremony they liked, be it religious or secular.

Today, there is hardly an area of life that has not been politicised and/or made subject to government oversight and rules and regulations. And we are now in a position where we have to beg the state for “rights”, which it shouldn’t be up to the state to grant or refuse to grant in the first place. One day yet we might miss god.