AS THE ARCHBISHOP DIDN’T SAY TO THE PRESIDENT The Archbishop of Canterbury presumably understand the mystery of the Holy Trinity, but Christians who support Donald Trump confound his mental abilities:

The Most Reverend Justin Welby told ITV’s “Peston on Sunday” program that he “really genuinely” can’t comprehend why fundamentalists have provided such a strong base for Trump…

Welby did say he would be willing to attend a state dinner in Trump’s honor if the president comes to Britain on an official visit.

He noted that he’s met with worse people than the president of the United States.

“I spent years and years involved in conflict stuff around the world where I met people who had killed many, many people,” he told ITV.

He’s met with worse people? People who had killed many, many people? How is this even possible – isn’t Trump just the worst?

He said part of his job is to meet with people he disagrees with “and to testify with the love of Christ to them and to seek to draw them in a different way.”

Trump has accepted an invitation for a state visit to Britain, but no date has been set. Though he said he’d meet Trump, Welby also said, “It’d be unlikely I’d do more than shake hands with him.”

Then how will the Archbishop testify to Trump and draw him in a different way? It must be a pretty strong and magic handshake.