SOROS HYPERVENTILATES – The philanthropist (aka political campaigner) makes it so very hard not to consider him to be a knob:

Oppression of the opposition by Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government is greater than when Hungary was under Soviet domination, Hungarian-American financier and philanthropist George Soros said Friday.

Soros said in video messages that he had an “unbridgeable conflict of principles” with Orban and if the Budapest-based, Soros-founded Central European University were to be expelled, it would continue operating “in exile” and return after Orban’s departure.

Soros, 87, said Orban has created “an anti-democratic system … a mafia regime where they use their leading positions to keep themselves in power and personally enrich themselves.”

“He exploits and oppresses those who are in opposition. In my judgment, the regime now oppresses people more that during the Soviet occupation.”

This will no doubt come as a surprise to to all the Hungarians who, unlike Soros, lived through the Soviet occupation. Unlike today, there was no opposition then, largely because they have been killed off in the uprising of 1956.