SOCIALISTS, BLESS THEIR LITTLE HEARTS – One simple graph that explains everything for “all the idiots out there with no idea what socialism is”, like myself, I guess:


Left-wing capitalism and state capitalism, got it?

As for “real socialism”, perhaps the clue lies in the fact that it “never yet existed”. Is there a reason, perhaps, why despite countless attempts to create it over the past two centuries (or more, if you count some radical Protestant sects in the 16th century) it never actually comes about and always descends into bloodshed, tyranny and misery? I wonder. Maybe something to do with practicality (everyone owns everything “collectively and DIRECTLY”) and human nature (hey guys, work is voluntary, but if you’re going to work, you won’t be working for yourself or your loved ones but for “the benefit of all”. Whatever you decide, you have “free access to all goods and services according to needs”).

I would say “sounds lovely; good luck guys!” except every time they try people die. So please stop trying.