MILO WITH PEPPER – I don’t care much for Milo, and never did, not having found him particularly funny or clever. The left hates him with a passion because he is just like them, except on the other side. In that regard they very much deserve each other. On the other hand, the fact that I don’t care much for Milo does not mean he should not be able to exercise his right of free speech, be no-platformed, and facing violent riots by people wanting to shut him up and shut him down wherever and whenever he appear. Particularly since so much outrageous and bigoted speech from the left or supported by the left flourishes in public without too many batting eyelids. You guys created Milo; have fun now!

Some non-violent (“i.e. fairly violent”, as Kingsley Amis once quipped) protests down in Melbourne tonight, including these lovely “before” and “after” photos of a peaceful and concerned unionist:



Mr “We Are Union” now knows that in the Rock-Paper-Scissors of rioting, pepper spray always beats a wooden pole.