FRENCH AMBASSADOR TWEETS, DELETES – Astonishingly undiplomatic from the French ambassador to the United States:


Perhaps on the 10th of May each year, we should remember that France (and the United Kingdom) ignored their alliance obligation to come to Poland’s aid in September 1939 when Poland was invaded by Germany, engaged in months of the “Phoney War”, and when finally attacked by Germany, folded like a cheap tent in a shorter space of time then the much weaker Poland a year before.

Of course, in the 30s, contrary to His Excellency’s tweet, France and the UK did not confront the fascist powers either, appeasing the hell out of them instead, and rolling over at every aggressive step from 1933 onward.

Araud quickly deleted his tweet and offered this feeble excuse:

It’s everyone’s fault then. And in a way it is, but the United States is not an European power that borders on Germany, so what was France’s excuse?