JEWISH IMPERIALISTS AND THEIR RACIST APARTHEIDThis is like porn for much of the left today:

The Zionist colonialists are just the latest warlords violently conquering Palestine without an iota of historical legitimacy to their names. Jews, Christians, and Muslims will continue to live in Palestine for generations after Zionism has ended up where all other imperial and colonial conquests of Palestine have ended: in the dustbin of history. 

Palestine belongs to Palestinians. Jerusalem has always been and will always remain the Palestinian capital. Jerusalem has never been and will never be the capital of a racist apartheid European colonial garrison state that calls itself “Israel”. Never.

Via Al Jazeera (of course), from Hamid Dabashi, the Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University.

If you wonder why Israel generates so much overt and covert hostility from contemporary¬†intellectuals and activists, you only need to read the screeds like the one above and wonder no more. The whole Israel/Palestine issue has been reframed in such an artful way so as to push all of the left’s buttons: post-colonial guilt, imperialism, multiculturalism, moral and cultural relativism, identity politics, the worship of “the other”. You can almost imagine a woke Westerner masturbating while reading Dabashi’s prose (“Yes, oh God yes, don’t stop talking to me about racist apartheid”).

If Israel is a colonial construct, so is Palestine, and so is the rest of the Middle East. The region’s countries, borders, and nationalities are all modern inventions. As is much of the rhetoric; medieval barbarism meets contemporary academia.