SOME PARTIES DO ‘AVE ‘EM – British Labour either is not vetting their candidates – or the vetters don’t consider this to be a problem:

A Birmingham local election candidate has apologised after previously claiming there was ‘no proof’ that ISIS exists in one of a string of controversial Facebook posts.

Law student Safia Noor, 25, has been selected as Labour’s new candidate for the Small Heath ward in city council elections next year.

But it has emerged the political activist and school governor has previously posted controversial Facebook messages about ISIS and UK terror attacks.

On March 22 Birmingham terrorist Khalid Masood had mown down innocent victims on Westminster bridge – killing four – before stabbing police officer Keith Palmer to death.

The same day Ms Noor posted publicly on Facebook: “Can people relax and stop fighting on Facebook, sadly people died in Westminster today but people die everyday in Syria Palestine Africa Rohingya Kashmir.. Need I carry on?!! Grow up and stop pointing fingers!”…

On March 27, she commented on a Guardian article which carried the headline. “Westminster attacker Khalid Masood had interest in Jihad – police”.

Ms Noor posted to her followers: “So someone got stabbed after the attack last week as a result of media and government claiming that SO CALLED ISIS HAD CLAIMED RESPONSIBILITY.

“There is no ISIS and there is no proof.”

On September 16, 2016, Ms Noor ‘liked’ on Facebook an article by the Independent which was headlined: “Egyptian state media claims 9/11 was carried out by West to justify war on terror.”

Two weeks ago:

Labour has banned a prospective council candidate from standing for the party after an outcry over antisemitic comments she posted on social media.

Nasreen Khan, a former member of George Galloway’s Respect party, had been shortlisted for a safe Labour council seat in Bradford. But her candidacy received widespread condemnation after posts, written in 2012, came to light in which she claimed there were “worse people in Hitler in this world”, that “Jews have reaped the rewards of playing victims” and asking: “What have the Jews done good in this world”.

There’s yet a career for Yassmin Abdel-Maghied in British politics.