#NOTYOUTOO IF YOU DON’T SERVE THE AGENDA – Hunting harassers and molesters was cool until too many of our own people started becoming collateral damage. I’m paraphrasing Rebecca Solnit at “The Guardian”:

That was fast. In this #MeToo moment, feminism has been coopted by both people who don’t understand it and by people who oppose it. Worse: it’s now being used against people who are feminists and allies…

In this moment, we need to ask better questions. Whose agenda is being served in each case? Who decides? How do we weigh degrees of gravity? This is not about men who violated the norms but about the fact that misogyny has long been the norm. Misogynists have been protected and promoted for not decades but centuries. What are we to do about that?Moving forward, we need to figure out who decides not just these individual cases but how we move past this era of impunity—and who “we” is going to be, because justice for women sure doesn’t include Project Veritas and Mike Cernovich.

Can’t let the right out the pervs because it serves their agenda. Got it.