WILL THE REAL SLIM SHADY PLEASE SHUT UP – Eminem is very angry that Trump doesn’t listen and respond to his attacks. Judging by this 1.5/10 stars review for his new album “Revival”, the Em might have a bigger problem with finding people to listen to his new output:

Revival is so uninspired and lost that picking it apart is a hopeless affair. Naturally, Eminem is still rapping his ass off. He’s practically an Olympian on ‘Offended’, pulling out every flow in his grab bag out for a breathless, nearly 6-minute rant, but it can all be reduced to, “I swear when I get up / I’m never gonna let up til everybody eats my turds.” This is a 45-year-old man. He uses this on the hook, no less. Eminem has made a career out of feeling persecuted and unappreciated, and for years now he’s been barking at a nonexistent detractor, only to completely misunderstand why his audience has grown weary.

Revival ends with the sound of a toilet flushing. Nothing could be more telling, but this writer shall say this: having spent years striving to be understanding, we’ve suffered enough. Eminem has long sounded uninspired and unhappy with the music he’s making, and more than ever, holding out hope he’ll figure it all out again feels like a grim prospect. Once the deed is done and this goes to press, I will never listen to this album again.

“Revival” it doesn’t seem to be. And that’s even putting the tedious Trump-bashing aside.