NET NEUTRALITY – Another reminder that “net” is never neutral:

Twitter began a massive purge of users on Monday the company claims violate its new terms of service.

As predicted, nearly every account that was banned by Twitter was affiliated with the alt-right or far right.

White nationalist Jared Taylor, his group American Renaissance, and Britain First leader Jayda Fransen, the woman who posted the “Islamophobic” videos famously retweeted by President Trump, were some of the entities that received the boot from Twitter…

The case made for the social media platform to ban so many accounts is that harassment and violent racist rhetoric is out of control on the website. Surprisingly enough, plenty of leftists engage in that behavior on social media as well.

But that seems to only be a problem Twitter cares about if it comes from the Right, as the example of Federal Communications chairman Ajit Pai proves.

Hundreds of left-wing users have recently taken to issuing death threats and other promises of violence to Pai over his decision to scrap net neutrality regulations.

Read a representative selection of the vilest racist death threats to Pai and his family. As “The Daily Caller” notes, none of these accounts have been purged. For Twitter, harassment and violent racist rhetoric is fine as long as it comes from the left and/or targets the right people.