THE WAR ON OBSESSION – The wolves are not just lone, they’re also obsessed:

Victorian police are preparing to investigate up to 300 so-called “fixated persons’’ as part of a new drive to prevent lone-wolf terrorist attacks as it emerged accused Flinders Street attacker Saeed Noori spent two weeks as an ­involuntary psychiatric patient earlier this year.

Police yesterday revealed 32-year-old Mr Noori, a mentally ill ­Afghan refugee and ice addict, had referenced Allah and mentioned spy agency ASIO in comments made from his hospital bed late on Thursday.Fourteen people remained in hospital yesterday after Mr Noori drove his white Suzuki Vitara into a crowd of pedestrians crossing Melbourne’s busy Flinders Street at 4.41pm on Thursday.Nineteen people were taken to hospital and three of those victims remained in a critical condition last night. Nationals from China, Italy, India, Venez­uela, Ireland and New Zealand were among those injured, as was an off-duty police sergeant who was hurt as he struggled to restrain Mr Noori in the moments after his car came to a halt.The attack generated instant controversy, with Victoria Police under fire from for not labelling the incident a terrorist attack after it emerged Mr Noori had made several bedside “utterances’’ indicating he had been motivated by perceived injustices perpetrated against Muslims.Victoria’s Acting Police Chief Commissioner, Shane Patton, said Mr Noori spoke of his “dreams’’, but also referenced Allah and made a rambling comment about Australia’s domestic spy agency, ASIO, which gathers intelligence about terrorism suspects. He also attributed his ­actions to avenging the persecution of Muslims around the world.

Over my time in Australia, Victorian police went from the one extreme of shooting suspects on sight to the other of being mired in a PC ineffectuality, while African gangs run rampant through Melbourne. The Victorian state government is truly Australia’s worse and most disgusting by far.