Ten “hottest” takes on the Iranian protests


Oh boy.

What is it about the people protesting for freedom and democracy and against an oppressive, theocratic, warmongering (and anti-American) regime that brings out the propagandists, equivocators,

1.Alex Mohajer, one of 2017 “Out 100” most eligible bachelors and a “Huffington Post” contributor:

Donald Trump is “NO DIFFERENT” than the oppressive Ayatollahs in Iran. And pussy-hatted feminists marching in favour of hijab in Washington are the same as women of Tehran risking jail or worse to protest against hijab. You have to be a Berkeley graduate to be this dumb and morally equivalent.

2. “Financial Times”:

What are all those stupid Iranians doing, trying to provoke the reformist mullahs?

3. Ben Rhodes, Obama’s “foreign” “policy” “adviser”:

This is from the man who sent $1.7 billion in pallets of unmarked bills on a plane to thank the mullahs for a bullshit “deal” that didn’t solve anything except giving the Iranian government more legitimacy and more pocket money to spend on suppressing dignity and creating more corruption. Sit this one out, Ben.

4. Linda Sarsour, the professional hijab and Sharia promoter, and one of Women’s March organisers:


As Neontaster commented: “Regardless of how you feel about the travel ban, Iran is on it because it is designated a state sponsor of terrorism, which is precisely the same reason that people are protesting the regime there, hence the support for them.”

5. Thomas Erdbrink, “Tehran bureau chief for the New York Times. I am one of the few Westerners reporting from Iran, and have been based here for the past 10 years”:

From the paper, whose Russian correspondent won the Pulitzer Prize for denying the Ukrainian Famine, in which Stalin starved to death 7 million people, comes the Iranian correspondent with “nothing to see here, move along”. Don’t want your travel to Iran side-business to suffer, perhaps?

Another one, from a few weeks ago, that hasn’t aged well. Thanks, Tehran Thomas:

6. CNN:

Remember guys: this is an apple, but some people will try to tell you it’s a banana.

7. Ted Lieu, Congressman:

Donald Trump = Ayatollahs. Of course.

By the way Ted, “increasing troops in the Middle East” just defeated ISIS. What have you done this year?

8. Susan Rice, President Obama’s National Security Adviser and UN ambassador, endorsing a “NYT”op-ed:

Being quiet is how the Obama Administration has helped the Iranian pro-democracy movement from 2009 to 2016, from the suppression of the Green Revolution to the “pallets of cash” nuclear deal. Another former official who should sit this one out.

9. Caitlin Johnstone, “Rogue journalist, poet, and utopia prepper”:

Mullahs are right: the Great Satan is behind all the unrest against the peaceful and freedom-loving theocratic regime. #SaveAyatollah!

10. Messages of support for the protesting Iranians from the progressive celebrities, Western feminists, the EU officialdom, and Democrat politicians:











OK, that’s pretty much it. The audacity of hope that the mullah government supports the aspirations of their people to freedom.