Ten more “hottest” takes on the Iranian protests


Two days ago, I compiled a short list of ten freshest examples of “progressives and the media (but I’m repeating myself) say the darnest things” whenever someone around the world starts fighting for freedom, but not also against America or Israel. It’s several days now that the people of Iran have been rallying against their corrupt theocratic masters – and being killed for it in increasing numbers – but the hot takes on the pro-(real)democracy protests just keep on coming, mostly form the United States, but also increasingly from other parts of the world:

1.Owen Jones, “Guardian columnist” and “Socialist”, with 725K Twitter followers:


Actually, since the Iranians have not experienced “US domination” for several decades now, I’m pretty sure they’re just fighting for democracy and freedom from a vicious regime. I stand to be corrected but so far I’ve only heard of “death to the Ayatollah” chants, not “death to the Great Satan”. But by all means, to the left everything is always about the evil America.

2. Carl Bildt, former Swedish Prime Minister and current co-chair of the European Council on Foreign Relations:

Iranian regime “moderates” are the Godot of the progressive foreign policy establishment. We’ve been waiting for them to “stand up” for more than three decades now. What’s a few more decades between friends?

3. Sarah Jones, politics and culture writer for “New Republic”:

Cute. Now do the left-wing and apartheid (or any other progressive cause celebre).

4. “Newsweek”(of course!):

You know who else blocked people from his Twitter? Hitler!

Granted, if I were the President, I would not block anyone from my presidential Twitter. But if you can’t distinguish between blocking someone from replying to your tweets and blocking your citizens’ access to the internet, you probably shouldn’t be writing for a serious media outlet. So I guess that means “Newsweek” is fine.

5. John O Brennan, Obama’s second term CIA director:

Brennan is sitting in a corner with Carl Bildt waiting for the “reformists”. Brennan, by the way, voted Communist in the American presidential election at the height of the Cold War. So you know you can trust his impeccable judgment.

6. David Frum, former Bush speechwriter, now #NeverTrump brigade:

Trump would like to see people who he thinks committed indictable offences to face the justice system, but has no power to do anything about it except voice his opinion. Aside from that the comparison is spot on, David.

7. Claudia Bown, “cis-woman” and a “YouTube feminist”:

OMG sister, you must feel so dirty about those few moments when you unknowingly shared the same opinion with right-wingers! Stay strong; that self-loathing will surely pass.

8. Samantha Power, Obama’s former UN ambassador:

Strangely, both the Trump administration and the protesting Iranians are sick and tired of the mullahs financing terrorists across the region. Your administration, on the other hand, gave them $1.7 billion in unmarked bills, which the mullahs presumably spent on chewing gum and Slurpees. Perhaps sit this one out.

9. “Guardian”:

Hurrah for stability!

What about Iran’s people – what would be wise for them to wish for?

10. Messages of support for the protesting Iranians from the progressive celebrities, Western feminists, the EU and UN officialdom, and Democrat politicians:











Yep. Still waiting. Perhaps they’re also “moderates”.