MAP OF THE DAY – “If not your country, which country do you want to live in?”


Hat tip: OnlMaps

Imagine the population movements: Americans all move to Canada, which frees up the United States for Mexicans, Brazilians, Indians, Turks, Italians, Poles and many others to move in. Meanwhile, those in the cold climates – Canadians, Swedes, Finns, Japanese – move to Australia, which they now have to share with Indonesians. Chinese, Russians, Ukrainians, Germans and Algerians all crowd into Switzerland, making the country an unlivable hell. Banks, chocolate and cuckoo clocks move out somewhere more peaceful and quiet.

It is, however, a news to me that Australians want to move to Spain. I understand the keenness to stick to a warm climate, but why downgrade to the Third World?

(Joking. Spain is a beautiful country.)