WHEN CORY HARANGUED KIRSTJEN – A male Senator spent ten minutes being angry at a female official because her recollection of a meeting (she was there) was different to the version believed by the Senator (who wasn’t there). The mansplaining would have elicited howls of outrage about sexism if the male Senator was a Republican and the female official a Democrat (even better if the male Republican senator was white and the female Democrat official black), but it was all OK on the day, because as the saying goes, “she’s not a woman, she is a Republican.”

Everyone’s favourite celebrity, who approvingly retwitted Booker’s performance,

has now come out strongly in favour of gender-blind accountability:

I tend to agree, except that “the myth” that Alyssa is talking about has been perpetuated by the left. I don’t recall any feminists arguing as Milano does now, whenever scrutiny has been applied to Hillary Clinton, Julia Gillard, Elizabeth Warren, and other “women in power”. To quote another old saying, it’s lucky that the left has double standards otherwise they would have no standards at all. Don’t worry, Alyssa et al, we’ll remind you the next time you decry sexism when someone questions a left-wing female politician.

Cory Booker, meanwhile, “hurt” and had “tears of rage” when Trump’s “shitholes” comment was first conveyed to him. Despite his fragility, I would argue the Senator should not be treated differently than any other dick.